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Wednesday 20 November 2019

18:30 - 19:00

Welcome Cocktail

19.00 - 23.00

Opening Dinner

The access to the dinner will be granted only to participants that expressly opted for this option during the registration process.

Thursday 21 November 2019

8.30 - 9.00

Registration and Welcome Coffee

9.00 - 9.10

Welcome and Introduction

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, EASE - The European Association for Storage of Energy

9.10 - 9.45

Achieving Clean Energy on EU Islands 

This session will set the stage for energy storage on islands: 

  • What are the main challenges related to decarbonising islands? 
  • How are policymakers seeking to accelerate the energy transition on islands?
  • What are the challenges and unique characteristics of islands in terms of power system operation? 
  • How does storage fit into this picture?

Gianni Chianetta, Director, Greening The Islands
Cutajar Joseph, Director, EcoGozo Directorate
Konstantinos Kyparissis, Director of Storage & Islands Energy Transition Unit, Public Power Corporation S.A. (PPC)
9.45 - 11.00

 Energy Storage on Islands: Technologies, Applications, and Business Cases 

Industry representatives will share their experiences related to the technical aspects of setting up island projects: 

  • How to select technologies and manage dimensioning/operation given a specific context? 
  • Which applications can be provided by storage and how can they be monetised? 
  • What are the options and choices related to financing projects? 
  • How do different contexts (interconnected vs non-interconnected; electricity mix on the island) affect the set-up and operation of these projects? 
  • How do these aspects differ on an island vs the mainland?
Michael Lippert, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Saft
Enrique Troncoso, Managing Director, Enercy B.V.
Olli Kuronen, Executive Vice President of Finance and Business Development, Eunice Energy Group
Michele Pissarello, Senior Business Development Manager, ENEL

11.00 - 11.30

Coffee Break

11.30 - 13.00

Policies, Markets, and Regulation Shaping Energy Storage Projects on Islands

Speakers will reflect on the different regulatory frameworks, market contexts (regulated vs unregulated markets), and local policies on different EU islands (connected, non-interconnected, and to-be-interconnected islands), and how these either support or hamper energy storage deployment. 

They will identify best (and worst) practices in terms of collaboration between policymakers at EU, national, and local level. 

Based on specific case studies, speakers will also discuss which changes can be expected in local/national regulatory frameworks and what this could mean for energy storage deployments on islands.'

Fernando Morales Rojo, Lead Analyst, Highview Power
Mauricio Remacha, Head of Regulatory Affairs Department, Red Eléctrica de España (REE)
Etienne Radvanyi, Microgrids Manager, EDF
Yen-Haw Chen, Deputy Director, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) 
13.00 - 14.00

Networking Lunch

14.00 - 14.45

Panel Discussion

  • How important is the role of storage in terms of facilitating the clean energy transition on islands? 
  • What is needed to replicate the projects presented above? 
  • Do islands require particular regulatory frameworks: why or why not? 
  • What can island projects tell us about the storage industry and the broader power sector? 
  • Are islands useful models for decarbonised interconnected power systems and for efforts to achieve a net-zero emissions power system?
Terji Nielsen, Head of R&D, SEV
Andrea Martinez, Deputy Managing Director, Sinloc - Sistema Iniziative Locali SpA / Project Coordinator, EU Island Facility NESOI
Brittney Elzarei, Senior Policy Officer, EASE - Moderator
Pierrette Griaux, Operations Manager, Enedis
Olli Kuronen, Executive Vice President of Finance and Business Development, Eunice Energy Group (EEG)
14.45 - 15.15

Coffee Break

15.15 - 16.15

Focus Groups


  • How best to match energy storage technologies to specific use cases/applications? 
  • What should be considered in terms of dimensioning and operating projects? 
  • What are the prospects for hybrid storage systems?


  • What are the different ways to finance projects? 
  • How can project developers ensure a robust business case and optimal utilisation of the storage facility?
Andrea Martinez​​​, Deputy Managing Director, Sinloc - Sistema Iniziative Locali SpA / Project Coordinator, EU Island Facility NESOI - Moderator


  • How can collaboration between policymakers at EU, national, and local level with industry be improved? 
  • Can islands provide useful models in terms of securing buy-in from local communities for energy projects?
Gianni Chianetta​​​, Director, - Moderator


  • What lessons can be learned from islands with regards to achieving ambitious decarbonisation targets? 
  • What insights do island projects bring for the storage sector and for the broader energy system?

16.15 – 16.45

Talking Solutions 

Summary of discussions and recommendations for policymakers and industry

16.45 - 17.00

Closing Remarks

Patrick Clerens, Secretary General, EASE

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