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The Energy Storage Global Conference 2018, organised by EASE, offers a unique opportunity to industry, researchers and policymakers to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector. Representatives from around the world will come together for three days to discuss the latest developments in energy storage technologies, regulatory and policy development and the future storage market.

In 2016 more than 220 delegates attended the Energy Storage Global Conference, which welcomed 49 speakers. In 2018 more than 330 delegates are expected to attend, as well as 15 exhibitors and over 70 speakers.

The third Energy Storage Global Conference is organised by the European Association for Storage of Energy in collaboration with the Directorate General for Energy and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission.

This is your chance to attend the leading EU conference on energy storage and to exchange views on key issues for the storage sector with industry, researchers, national and international policymakers.

On 24 October 2018 you also have the possibility to participate in the Power to Hydrogen workshop organised by the TSO 2020 project, one of the largest action funded as part of the EU Connecting Europe Facility. The workshop will take place form 10.00 to 12.00 in the same venue and it is free of charge. Registration is mandatory:

DAY 1 Technology - organised with the support of the JRC

On day 1, participants will learn about the latest developments in cutting-edge energy storage technologies, from next-generation battery storage to hybrid energy storage applications. Participants will also get a sneak peak of the newest EASE-Delta-ee European Market Monitoring on Energy Storage report.


On day 1participants will have the opportunity to visit the battery park and the control room of the Drogenbos Power Plant, where the batteries are operated.The Drogenbos project consists of five batteries, having different cell technologies and coming from different suppliers, piloted separately or as a whole for a total of 6 MW/6MWh (Alfen, GE, YOUNICOS, INEO, Toshiba). This initiative is one of the first storage installations in Belgium dedicated to the frequency regulation service with batteries. The fifth technology was chosen with a higher C-rate to enlarge the flexibility of the whole system. Discover more:

DAY 2 Energy Storage Policy and Regulation

On day 2, the ESGC will bring together EU policymakers, National Regulatory Authorities, and speakers from around the globe to debate the most pressing challenges to the development of energy storage, to learn from best practice examples, and to dream about a market design and regulatory framework.

DAY 3 Market Drivers

The final day of the ESGC centres on energy storage markets. Participants will hear from a variety of experts about innovative business cases, investments, emerging markets, trends, and storage applications that will shape the future storage market.

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Our Vision

That energy storage will become an even more valuable part of the sustainable European energy landscape.

Our Mission

EASE actively supports the deployment of energy storage as an indispensable instrument in order to improve the flexibility of and to deliver services to the energy system with respect to EU energy and climate policy.

Our Goals

  • The European Association for Storage of Energy (EASE) is the voice of the energy storage community, actively promoting the use of energy storage in Europe and worldwide.
  • EASE actively supports the deployment of energy storage as an indispensable instrument within the framework of the European energy and climate policy to deliver services to, and improve the flexibility of, the European energy system.
  • EASE seeks to build a European platform for sharing and disseminating energy storage-related information.
    EASE supports the transition towards a sustainable, flexible and stable energy system in Europe.

Legal information:

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1030 Brussels
BE 0841.068.588

+32 2 743 29 82


EASE, Av. Adolphe Lacomblé 59/8 - 1030 Brussels - Belgium

Le Plaza Hotel Brussels

Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126
1000 Bruxelles Bruxelles

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