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Leen Peeters

Managing Director
Th!nk E
  • Leen Peeters

    Mrs. Leen Peeters has an engineering degree in building physics and a PhD in energy in buildings. Before starting Th!nk E, Leen has worked as a post-doc at the University of Texas at Austin and has been a guest professor in thermodynamics and heat transfer at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels and the University of Santa Clara in Cuba. With Th!nk E she has set up close cooperation with industry in various R&D projects as well as in demonstration activities.

    Leen is a member of the board of Flux50. She is technical coordinator of City-Zen (FP7 Smart Cities project) and STORY (H2020 LCE8 on energy storage). Leen is also co-coordinator of the BRIDGE working group on Business Models and the taskforce on Local Energy Communities. She also coordinates ROLECS, the largest Flemish project including 30 partners and focussing on the development of the framework for LECs in Flanders.

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Torsten Knop

Head of European Regulation/Projects
Innogy SE
  • Torsten Knop

    Torsten Knop spent his whole career in the utility industry. After a brief period working for an industry association he joined the RWE Group in 1999. Here he was mostly focused on public affairs issues concerning transmission and distribution grids.

    With the start of formal regulation in Germany in 2005 he moved to regulatory affairs and is currently responsible for European regulation and projects of innogy SE. He is an economist by formation.

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​Jan Steinkohl

Policy Officer
European Commission, DG Energy
  • ​Jan Steinkohl

    Jan Steinkohl works at the European Commission’s directorate-general for energy. As a policy officer in the unit responsible for renewables and CCS policy, he works in particular on questions regarding consumer empowerment.

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Alessandra Cuneo

Project Manager
Rina Consulting
  • Alessandra Cuneo

    Alessandra Cuneo is a Senior Environmental Engineer. She received her PhD in Turbomachinery and Energy System Engineering at University of Genoa in 2017. She is expert in advanced energy systems, renewable energy sources, techno-economic feasibility studies and uncertainty quantification.

    Since January 2019 she is employed as Project manager in Rina Consulting S.p.A. managing different European Projects dealing with smart energy solutions for energy districts. She is currently H2020 MUSE GRIDS project coordinator.

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Mia Ala-Juusela

Senior Scientist
  • Mia Ala-Juusela

    Mia Ala-Juusela has 20 years of research experience at VTT in the research area of eco-efficient communities. Her expertise covers energy efficient buildings, renewable energy in buildings and the optimal connection of demand and supply of energy in the buildings, lately mostly on district scale. The user perspective is often in central role in her studies, and lately also the business models.

    She has participated in different roles in many national and international projects, recently e.g. as Coordinator of EU-projects STORY and IntUBE (Intelligent Use of Buildings’ Energy information).

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Andrej Gubina

Head of Laboratory of Energy Policy
University of Ljubljana
  • Andrej Gubina

    Andrej F. Gubina obtained his Ph.D. at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, in 2002 where he was appointed Associate Professor in 2011. Since March 2007, he is a Senior Researcher and Head of the Laboratory for Energy Policy at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering. He is coordinator of the H2020 demonstration project on local energy communities COMPILE.

    His field of research encompasses Power System Economics and Deregulation, Production Planning under Open Electricity Market Conditions, Risk Management and Asset Management in EPS, Demand Side Management, Energy Efficiency of Demand and Renewable Energy Sources integration in power system.

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Juri Ratej

Head of Research
  • Juri Ratej

    Jure Ratej is the Head of Etrel Research Department. His expertise comprises interaction between energy sector - power systems and energy markets – and charging of electric vehicles (EV).

    Currently, he is involved in several research projects in the field of incorporation of EV charging into energy management of buildings and operation of local energy systems.

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Martin Watson

Senior Consultant
Prospex Institute
  • Martin Watson

    Martin Watson is a Senior Consultant at the Prospex Institute and Head of the EU office. He has a profound interest in climate change, energy and education issues and has worked on related FP7 and H2020 projects such as CLIMSAVE, OPERAs and STORY.

    Before joining the Prospex Institute, Martin worked with a variety of international public and non-profit organisations, including the EC’s external economic relation with Southeast Asia and support for the African Group at the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in the Doha Round negotiations

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Antonis Papanikolau

Senior Project Manager
  • Antonis Papanikolau

    Antonis Papanikolaou holds a Ph.D. from the University of Ghent on Electronics and Computer Engineering and an MBA from the Athens University of Economics & Business. He currently serves as the Program Manager of Hypertech, overseeing all company R&D&I activities in the energy sector and leading business development for R&D funding and commercial activities.

    Antonis is actively involved in research & innovation projects in the fields of energy efficiency, smart grids and sector coupling. He currently coordinates two H2020 projects and is the technical coordinator of four more.

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Stanislas d'Hebermont

Project Manager
  • Stanislas d'Hebermont

    Stanislas holds two Master’s degrees from the Technical University of Mainz and the Ecole Supérieure du Commerce Extérieur (International Management and Audit & Finance). Before joining, he served as coordinator of the Tournesol MicroGrids association that worked on the problematics of grid decentralisation and citizens' participation.

    He joined in 2016, as a project manager for the REScoop PLUS project, where he was responsible for the dissemination and communication of the project, as well as the policy support. He is now in charge of citizen engagement for the COMPILE project, developing a toolkit to develop energy communities across Europe.

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Brittney Elzarei

Senior Policy Officer
The European Association for Storage of Energy
  • Brittney Elzarei

    Brittney Elzarei is Senior Policy Officer at EASE, the European Association for Storage of Energy. Since joining EASE in 2016, she has supported the association’s advocacy efforts and activities across a range of topics: energy storage technologies, applications, business cases, R&D needs, storage in the EU electricity network codes, and the ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans’ Package. Prior to joining EASE, she worked in a Brussels-based public affairs consultancy on projects in the agri-food and pharmaceutical sectors. She obtained her degree in Political Science from the Free University of Berlin in 2012.

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